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The Advantages of a Joint Membership

Have you ever called the Nolin RECC office to ask a question about your electric bill only to find out your name is not listed on the account? Privacy laws will not permit Nolin to discuss a member’s account with anyone other than the holder of the account—even if it’s your spouse!

The best way to ensure both partners have information when they need it, is to share a joint membership. This means both spouse’s names are listed on the Nolin membership and each have access to the information on their account.

With joint membership, both parties are able to obtain information on their account relating to balances, payments, and other related account information. Both spouses hold one membership jointly, and share their one vote in the annual director elections.

If you or your spouse is the sole holder of a Nolin RECC membership account, and you wish to convert it to a joint membership, please call the office at (270) 765-6153 for specific instructions on how to make this change.




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