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Kill-A-Watt Meter Program

Kill-A-Watt Meter

Do you know how much electricity it takes to power your cable or satellite TV? Actually, the cable box uses 13-19 watts an hour whether it is on or off. So if your home has four or more cable boxes, you could be using between 60-80 watts per hour. This can add up to an extra $6.35 on your monthly electric bill. Now, Nolin RECC members don’t have to guess how much it costs to keep the refrigerator or freezer running, or how much electricity the window air conditioning unit is using to keep your home cool and comfortable. We are offering members the free use of a “plug meter” more commonly referred to as a “Kill-A-Watt meter” to use in their homes. This special meter is easy to use! Simply plug the Kill-A-Watt meter into a wall outlet and then plug your electronic device or appliance into the meter. The meter will display the number of watts being used in both on and off positions.


Want to Check Out this Meter?

There is NO charge to check-out the Kill-A-Watt meter! Members must visit the Hardin County Public Library (St. John Road, Elizabethtown) to check-out the meter and sign a program agreement form. We will soon have Kill-A-Watt meters at the LaRue County Public Library for our LaRue County members.


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While fireworks and Independence Day parades are synonymous with the Fourth of July, no such fanfare comes to mind when discussing energy efficiency. Perhaps it should. If you think about it, energy efficiency not only benefits individuals and families, but the country as a whole.

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