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The Annual Report

The Guiding Principles

Nolin RECC is proud to be unique.

We are unique in that we are a cooperative business, owned by you, working for you, and guided by The Seven Cooperative Principles, which 171 years after they were first written, are still relevant today.

This annual report highlights the achievements your cooperative has made by adhering to these principles.

For instance, we rely on the principle of Cooperation Among Cooperatives as we work with our partner co-ops to deal with new EPA regulations.

Kentucky enjoys inexpensive and reliable electricity thanks to its coalfired power plants, which supply about 90 percent of our electricity.

As the EPA's Clean Power Plan places steep limits on carbon emissions from those plants, Nolin is working with our national association and a network of 900 co-ops across the country to craft innovative solutions and a united response.

While the regulations may ultimately impact how we generate your energy, our mission of safe, reliable, and affordable electric service does not change.


The principles of Open and Voluntary Membership and Democratic Member Control ensure you have a say in how Nolin RECC does business.

Elected by you, our board of directors sets policy and hires a co-op president/CEO, who in turn hires professionals to carry out our mission.

Nolin exerts its Autonomy and Independence in crafting strategy and hiring decisions.

We employ experts in the fields of engineering and operations, information technology, communications, member services, and community and economic development. Some of the best, brightest, most creative, and dedicated people have chosen careers that serve their communities working at Nolin.


Current and yet-to-be implemented regulations affect the cost to generate electricity. To comply, our co-op power supplier has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in environmental control equipment.

Because the new EPA regulations will force us to use less coal to generate electricity, we expect to see energy prices gradually increase for Kentuckians over the next several years.

We take our Members' Economic Participation very seriously as we watch out for your interests. Unlike investor-owned utilities, Nolin RECC does not create profits for investors and shareholders. Any excess dollars or margins are either reinvested in the co-op or returned to our members in the form of a capital credit or check.

We provide energy audits, rebates, and energy-efficiency tools to encourage you to actually use less electricity, which keeps costs lower for all members.


Since delivery of electricity is a complex process, Nolin places a high value on providing Education, Training, and Information. Working with the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives' Safety & Loss Prevention team, we are proud of our safety record. In April Nolin was presented the Governor's Safety and Health Award representing over 500,000 accident-free work hours.

We have also expanded our informational services to members over the past year by joining Facebook. Our official site is Nolin Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation. You will find outage information and news about important events happening at Nolin RECC on our Facebook site-be sure to like our page and share our posts.

In addition to Facebook, timely and important information about Nolin member benefits can be found on our website at and in Kentucky Living magazine.


Your cooperative employees are your neighbors. Because of our Concern for Community, we support and participate in many area causes and events. Nolin is part of your community, and we will continue to participate in events and activities that help us all. You'll see co-op employees volunteering for local community groups, conducting school safety programs, and sponsoring local events.

Each day, Nolin RECC remembers who owns our co-op-you do. Thank you for your trust as we remain guided by The Seven Cooperative Principles in each of our decisions to protect and improve the quality of life for our community.

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