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The Costs of Providing Electricity

Electricity is still one of the best values for the money. This amazing and invisible service provides us with luxuries we have grown to rely on. It allows us to keep our homes warm during winter, cook a hot meal for our family, and keep up with the world through our electronic equipment. In a perfect world – which of course we all know does not exist – electricity would be included in the price of that new refrigerator or heating system.

Electricity Remains a Good Value

Nolin has worked hard to maintain our rates for the past 10 years without having to seek a rate adjustment. However, like everything else in our world, the costs to provide electricity continue to rise.

Everything Nolin buys and uses to bring clean, safe, and reliable electricity to your home, farm, or business has gone up in price over the past decade. Poles, wire, fuel, transformers, meters, trucks, labor, hardware, supplies, and even the wholesale electricity we purchase have all increased in the past 10 years while we have managed to hold our electric rates steady.

Nolin members recently received a letter providing information about our proposed general rate case that is now before the Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC). Only the PSC has the authority to determine Nolin’s rate structure and when these rates will go into effect.

Several other electric co-ops and utilities across Kentucky are currently seeking rate increases from the PSC or have recently increased rates. Nolin has been able to delay an increase longer than any of these other utilities.

To help you offset the potential upcoming rate increase, Nolin offers free home energy evaluations, energy-efficiency rebates, and do-it-yourself tips to help you conserve your electricity.

When you consider the return on costs, electricity is still a good bargain today. Stop and think about it for a minute. At the flip of a switch, we can turn dark into light, cold into warm, and buildings into thriving industries. Advancing technology depends so greatly on electricity, and Nolin believes we do a really good job providing that much-needed service to our members.

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