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Nolin PrePay Metering


Pay it your way with Nolin PrePay

What is Nolin PrePay metering?

Nolin PrePay is a plan that allows members to pay for electricity before they use it. You decide how much and how often you pay into your Nolin PrePay account. The plan gives
you the ability to control your budget by depositing money into the account online, through your mobile device, over the telephone, or in person at a Nolin RECC office.

How does it work?

You purchase electricity before you use it by visiting the Nolin RECC office to sign up for the plan and pay money into your account. When your account runs low, you will receive an alert by phone, text, or email informing you it s time to add funds to your account. You can track your usage by phone or online at 24 hours a day. Or simply access your SmartHub App to view your daily usage or make payments into your PrePay account.

What if my account runs out of funds?

Your electrical service will be automatically disconnected when your funds reach a zero balance. You can purchase more power 7 days a week and will not be charged a disconnect or reconnect fee. To avoid disconnects, Nolin suggests that you keep a reasonable balancein your PrePay account.

Will I pay a deposit?

No. Nolin PrePay members do not pay a deposit. Current Nolin members, who have a deposit on their account, will have their deposit applied/transferred to their account(s) when they switch to PrePay.

Will I receive a monthly bill?

No. Nolin Prepay accounts do not receive a monthly bill by mail; however, you may view your account balances online and follow your usage patterns daily through your SmartHub App.

Who can participate in Nolin PrePay?

Nolin RECC members receiving electric service under the residential rate can enroll in Nolin PrePay. Members and others living in a home with medical conditions are NOT eligible to enroll in the program. To find out if Nolin PrePay metering is right for you, call 270-765-6153.

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