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Our Goal: Make Your Life Better

When electric lines first extended to country homes and farms, they became the great equalizer. Finally, rural people had the same electrified conveniences and benefits that city residents had enjoyed for decades.

These days, electricity is not a luxury but a necessity to power today's lifestyles. We take for granted that the lights will always come on. Electricity is our lifeline - lighting our homes and businesses at the touch of a switch, powering classroom computers to educate tomorrow's leaders, and energizing life-saving medical equipment.

Though times and expectations have changed since rural communities were first energized, Nolin remains true to its mission. We continue to improve the quality of life for our members.

When you see a Nolin crew building new lines, they are doing more than setting poles and stringing wire. They are providing the power to strengthen and grow our communities. The availability of dependable power attracts new businesses and inspires existing ones to expand. It lights up new homes and neighborhoods.

If adverse weather takes down one of those lines, co-op line techs work diligently to quickly restore power. We understand your job may depend on it.

We don't just hang outdoor lights, but rather provide peace of mind in a world that is scary at times. Outside lighting can also bring neighbors together for a nighttime football or softball game - activities that keep community bonds strong.

Nolin's service is about more than answering phones or mailing bills. Our energy advisors are here to show you how to lower your electric bill without sacrificing comfort. Other free tools and programs we offer help you make the most of your time and money.

The next time you see a Nolin RECC employee or a co-op service truck, I hope you will smile and give them a wave now that you know they're on a mission to make your life better in some way.

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