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Innovation Drives Us

In today’s reality, technology has become increasingly more important in our lives. Things like virtual meeting spaces and real-time document sharing used to be conveniences, now they’re essential. A few generations ago, reliable electricity was a luxury. Today, we expect Image of hand holding a cellphonethe lights to come on every time we flip the switch.

At Nolin, we not only embrace, but actively seek ways to improve our service to members through technology. Innovation is at the heart of how we do business. Nolin has been making strategic investments in equipment, infrastructure and personnel not only to provide safe, affordable, reliable power today–but to serve our members well into the future. We have also continued to seek out tools and services for our members to more effectively manage their energy use and communicate with us about their account.

Last year, we were able to start offering our members outage notifications by text and email. By registering for a free SmartHub account, members can sign up for these alerts along with services like paperless bill notifications, autopay and power usage warnings. SmartHub also offers information to help track daily energy use as well as energy-saving and safety tips.

In addition, members now have the option of checking if we know about an outage on their account by text. Our advanced meters communicate with our system when a member is without power, and now a member can text “STATUS” to 768-482 to confirm that we know about that outage. If we are not showing an outage, a member can then text “OUT” to that number to report the outage. These texts must be sent from a phone that is associated with the account, so it is important to register a current mobile phone number with us. These are just a few ways we are innovating for our members. We understand the importance of integrating the best that technology has to offer into our standard practices. Today and in the future, we will continue to pursue the best ways to provide the most reliable, safe and affordable service possible.

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