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Nolin History

Nolin RECC delivers core values that our members have come to rely on since we were first incorporated in 1938. We believe that the best way to manage tomorrow's change is to remember the values of the past, values like honesty, integrity, dedication, commitment, and community.

Combining computer-age techniques with common-sense values is something electric coops are used to doing. Some 78 years ago investor-owned utilities didn't think country folk would ever use enough electricity for them to be able to make a profit from stringing lines to households beyond the city limits. But the people in small towns and rural communities could envision the value of bringing light to the countryside. They banded together and came up with a number of innovations to get electricity: new engineering of distribution lines, government loan programs, organizing the local utilities as cooperative corporations, and most of all, sharing resources with each other for the good of their communities.


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