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Greg Lee
President & CEO.

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Innovation Drives Us

In today’s reality, technology has become increasingly more important in our lives. Things like virtual meeting spaces and real-time document sharing used to be conveniences, now they’re essential. A few generations ago, reliable electricity was a luxury.

Our Power to Respond

For the last few months, we have all lived the reality of constant change. At the beginning of 2020, we could not foresee the challenges that we have collectively faced. While there have been many things outside of our control, there is something that remains ours to shape: our response.

Be counted: Complete the census

This month communities throughout Nolin RECC’s service area will be displaying red, white and blue in observance of our nation’s Independence Day. We will express patriotism by honoring our military—those who have fought and died for our freedom. We may even celebrate with fireworks and barbecues.

Serving Our Members - Yesterday. Today. Always.

At Nolin RECC, we are committed to those we serve. We embrace the concept that continual evolution and improvement is the only way to meet the growing and changing needs of our members. To that point, we are endeavoring a rebranding to best represent who we are and what we hope to become. The logo you see on the cover of this report is both a tribute to our heritage as well as a fresh, crisp look that will serve us well as we move into the future. While the logo itself is a small change, it represents a larger theme of improvements taking place at your cooperative.

Safety Above all Else

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, our communities have recently experienced an unprecedented effort to keep each other safe. We have recognized that each of us impact the health and well-being of those around us. While the experience of a pandemic is certainly unique, this focus on safety is not new to Nolin RECC. 

Changing Needs in Changing Times

By now, many of you have probably heard of the large-scale solar energy solution being proposed right here in Hardin County. I have fielded several calls over the last few weeks from landowners across our service territory who are trying to gather more information about the options being offered by multiple companies throughout our communities. As I have tried to clarify for them, I will explain some key points here to help everyone have more understanding about all the factors at play.

Giving Back is the Co-op Way

All cooperatives adhere to the same seven principles that guide all of our decisions––from how we run the co-op, to how we engage with our local communities. “Concern for community” is the seventh cooperative principle and it guides how we interact with our members and beyond. Special Olympics Participants

Right-of-Way: A Voice from the Past

A lot has changed in the 81 years since Nolin RECC was founded by local residents. The technology we have available to us and the tools we use for communication enable us to serve our members in new and improving ways. Despite improvements across the decades, providing electrical service brings with it certain inherent challenges.

A Time to Reflect; A Time to Prepare

About this time each year, I find myself reflecting on what has been accomplished over the last 12 months—both in my personal and professional life. I find it important to account for the highs and the lows, the good and the bad, the things that were positive and uplifting, and the things that left me realizing improvement is needed.


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